A Sampler of Guys at Free Meet for Sex Sites

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Now why the fuck would you want a sampler of guys that you see at meet and fuck free sites like this great one? It’s not like you’re looking for hot dick to suck. It’s not like you’re gay. You’re reading this blog post because you’re in a straight website looking for sex with women. So what gives?

Well, you need to understand the lay of the land. You need to understand your competition if you want to develop a competitive advantage. This is military strategy 101. This is Sun Tzu. That ancient Chinese military legend, Sun Tzu, fucking is the man when it comes to all sorts of strategy and, believe me, getting pussy is a strategic activity.

Now, you have to have your strategic wits about you, otherwise, succeeding at the typical meet and fuck free website is not going to work out for you. And Sun Tzu always says to know yourself and know your enemies because if they only know you and they don’t bother to know themselves, they will lose. Sun Tzu is a fucking beast when it comes to kicking ass, so you better listen up.

Here is the sampler of guys that you meet at the typical meet and fuck free sites.

Type #1: The Trust Fund Guy

America has a big population of guys who are set for life. Their parents became millionaires and worked hard and made a lot of money and are smart. They did not give the money directly to their heirs. Instead, they put it in these magical things called trust funds.

The great thing about American trust funds is they never run out of cash because they’re invested properly. Also, they’re disbursed in a strategic way. So even if the recipient is a complete and total idiot, the money doesn’t run out. They can’t touch all the money. They have to wait for another year to get the next disbursement of $250,000, or whatever it is that they get per year.

There are a lot of guys who hang out at meet and fuck free sites who are trust fund babies. They have all the entitlement mentality in the world and they think they can buy their way into pussy.

Now, you have to understand that the chicks that hang out at meet and fuck free sites want to fuck for free. They’re not escorts, they’re not professionals, they’re not pros, they’re not looking for money. In fact, a lot of these chicks make their own money because they work as doctors, lawyers, businesspeople, PTA parents and what not!