Corinna Blake Fucks By the Poolside

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The O-face fascinates me. It varies so much with each girl. Some chicks look like a fish out of water, desperately gasping. Others look like they are in pain or maybe a little confused. Some look like they are having the best trip of their life. All of those different expressions are showing sexual bliss though. I never which sort of orgasm face to expect, but the build-up to finding out is fantastic.

Corinna Blake is very expressive in her poolside sex scene. You can tell the girl is really feeling every stroke of the cock deep in her wet slit. It’s not just the way she does her face, it’s the sounds she makes, and how the rush of blood and flush of excitement alters the color of her skin if you pay enough attention. The camera gets in close to so you can actually see just how wet her sensitive pussy becomes.

Corinna Blake shows off her tits and clit which I like very much, but it’s that face that really coaxes out my load in this scene.