Now This is Taboo

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There are often things that the majority of people think, do or believe that is just never admitted in public out of fear of judgement. Perhaps the best example of that is watching porn.

Men in general are more open or more likely to concede that they watch porn and still many won’t even though they do to the point that I have a saying that there are only two types of men; those that watch porn and those that lie about it.

With women the fear of judgement has always been far greater and most women will outright deny that they watch porn except, most women actually do, or have a few times, although admittedly not as many as men.

Taboo porn is where it gets a little darker and more interesting. It is a dead give away purely by noting which porn genres are most popular that the majority of people enjoy taboo type genres and that is exactly why a site like this is such a hit.

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