Sexy, Seductive and Slippery

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I wonder if they use the same gel that’s used for nuru massage because with the models being lubed up from head to toe it would be hard for me to believe otherwise. It does look like a lot of fun right?

I wonder if it actually detracts from the sex for the pornstars and what I mean bu that is that when I was a bit younger, in my early twenties, my girlfriend arranged this romantic evening for us while she was house-sitting her parent’s place. The night culminated with us retiring to the main bedroom where her parent had silk sheets on the bed.

It was such a disaster trying to fuck on those sheets as we spent more time slipping around than being able to enjoy the sex. It didn’t take long before we just dumped the silk sheets on the floor so we could get on with it.

I wonder if that’s the case here with all this lube?

It does make for great porn though which makes this $12 instant discount to Lubed worthwhile in my opinion.